Thursday, February 03, 2005

Oh boy! Journal One

Hey guys what's happenin?
This is my first journal entry for oral traditions class. I hope I'm doing everything right. It seems to me that I am supposed to write about the time when I was not literate. I like to think that I have a good memory, but it is really hard to remember that far back. I can't recall every detail, and I don't think that life was hell because I didn't know how to write. It's not like I had to fill out applications or was interested in reading War and Peace in my leisure time. I think at those times I was more concerned with scoring a cool new toy or who was going to give me a bath that night. But I am off subject. As I said my memory isn't good enough to recall my younger years, but I do recall one instance in which I was learning to write. I think the fist word I learned to write was my name. One thing that is interesting about this is that non-other than pictures were used to help me accomplish this. I find this to be interesting after having learned how important the visual image is to memory. I specifically remember trying to write the letter "M." My mom would say, "That's the letter that looks like two mountains." I also remember that "J" looked like a fish hook. I find it interesting that graphics are used to help move someone to a stage where graphics are no longer needed. That's about the best I can do for this journal entry. I apologize for my lack of recollection.


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