Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ol' Jer's Journal number 4

Ok Listen,
I am going to write this journal without any guidance from anyone. Yesterday, I was frightened by the fact that I thought about a subject that had to do with class all on my on. Seriously. I was watching a movie. Now I'm not gay, (Not that there is anything wrong with that!)but I was watching Out of Africa, a movie based on the book by Isak Dinesen. Why was I watching this? My mom was visiting and she wanted me to watch it. Plus, I was going to ask her for bar money so I figured it was a nice gesture. "Oh yeah Mom! I'd love to watch that chik flik and watch you ogle over Robert Redford. Anyways, In this film the main character moves to Africa and starts a coffee farm. In the mean time she tries to open up a school but has a problem getting permission from the chief to let the kids attend. You see, the chief didn't want his tribes children to learn to read and write. One of his reasons was that he didn't want them to be smarter than he was. I thought this was very peculiar in light of what we have been studying in class. It was the Brits' idea (in the movie) that an educated person must learn to read and write. I figure that this was probably the main reason they looked down on Africans. If they can't read and write, then they must be stupid. But the paradox is that Africans didn't need to know that. They knew how to survive. Put one of those smart Brits in the way of a hungry male African lion and just see what those book smarts do for them. At the most it would give them something interesting to say right before they are mauled and eaten alive. Now, my sarcasm got involved a little, but I do want to point out that this debate between Orality and Literacy can be seen very easily. It was just a small part of the movie, but it could make for some interesting conversation. Thank you for your time.


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