Monday, February 21, 2005


I may or may not have a bone to pick with professor Sexson. My Dad came to visit me this weekend from Atlanta. He brought his stepdaughter and her husband. Along with them, a couple friends joined us at the Mint Cafe in Belgrade. During pre-dinner cocktails, I, trying to sound like a smartass college kid, brought up the professor's most recent comment on the origin of the word testimony. I said that it had to do with the fact that in Bible times a man put his hand under another's thigh(close to the testicles) and swore an oath. My Dad, a very smart man, began to laugh it up and make fun of me. He also inspired the rest of the table to join in the laughter. I was the laughing stock of the Mint until I said, "I bet you 400 dollars I'm right." Well, Dad took my bet. I just have to prove I'm right. I want you to know Sexson, that I was taking a metaphorical bullet for you that night and I hope you are correct. Otherwise we will have some words, and I'll need 400 dollars, cause I ain't got it. But I trust in all my wisdom that you would not spread lies in your class.
I have now done some research. If one goes to: they can type a word and find its origin. The page is actually a sort of comment page for smart people. But here is what is said of the word testimony. In the Bible, Abraham calls his servant and says, "Put, I pray Thee, thy hand under my thigh." He was making his servant give an oath. This type of oath was the most solemn of the Hebrews. It appears to be a winning argument on my part. You guys should look it up and see what you think. I need to beet my dad on this cause then I can buy a new Telecaster guitar.


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