Monday, March 28, 2005

My Epic Country Song

Here you go,
I was asked to record the words of my country epic. They are as follows:

Well I walked into the bar the other night
and I saw that there had been a fight
so I asked the barkeep, "son what's goin' on?"
He said, "You see that green-eyed blonde over there?
Her name's Nicole Lynn Didier,
and she's the reason this big ol' fight begun."

Nicole moved up from Wyoming
to scape her crazy family
her car dealin' dad
watched too much
blue collar comedy
now she's out on the town
cause she wants to
have a little fun
I think I even heard her say
"Let's Git R Done"

Now its true that she hates football
and she even has a cat
but theres one thing that makes the boys not
care about that

CHORUS: Green-eyed blonde hair Nicole
She's a girl you want to know
you can see her by the river with her fishin pole
cause when she's not readin books she likes to fish
Don't know what she gonna do when she get out of school
but one things for sure she's a fishin fool
and thats what makes Nicole every guys wish.

The thing that makes Nicole a hero
is she's a damn, workin fool
she works two jobs to pay the rent and
put herself through school

Now Nicole is gonna go big time
She's gonna get real rich
She likes to read, she likes to write
she's already been published

Now wake up all you sleepy men!
I'm gonna get to the good part of the song again
about why Nicole might be the girl for you.
She likes to ski! She likes to fish!
she works two jobs and she doesn't even bitch
now if you feel the mood just sing along!



Green-eyed blonde hair Nicole
in the back of class
she's a little shy but she's got a nice
Bass on her line
she's lookin fine
and that'll make her name stand the test of time
she'll be hero til the day she dies
I said she'll be a hero til the day she dies.


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