Thursday, April 28, 2005

Here's a fun one!

Check this out guys,

What about Ghost stories as oral traditions?

Why not, we all remember sitting around a fire and telling ghost stories. The best thing is, they are like majorly involved in the oral tradition. Think about it, all the stories have a specific model they follow. The absolute classic is a guy and a girl making out in their car at a deserted spot. If someone starts this story, you know damn well there is going to be a noise outside the car, a scratching noise. Then somebody is going to check it out and get killed by a guy that has a hook. It always goes this way. If you make up your own ghost story, 10 to one you will start with one of the following:

A long time ago on a night just like tonight...
It was a rainy night...
This is a story about something that happened not too far from this very spot...

Ghost stories break down into specific parts, we all know what will happen. That is why a person can be elected to tell a ghost story and accomplish the task. They work like the Odyssey, Perry said that it has specific parts and breaks down into specific rules. The same with Ghost stories.

Ghost stories work like oral traditions. The best thing about them is that we can relate them back to Yeats. Why do we all remember the same ghost story. The answer is because they deal with the grotesque. Also, the teller of the story has an important role: scare the shit out of the campers. This shows how the teller of the story is very important.(ONG) And why we remember them. (Yates)

What do you guys think about this? Wanna have some s'mores.


Blogger Nam LaMore said...

was just blog-hopping and this post caught my attention.

as a camp counselor ... i remember we used to tell ghost stories around the campfire while another counselor would go into the cabins and put night-glow paint everywhere. well, the fun doesn't start until someone comes back from the bathroom (the flashlight activates the paint). some kids deserved to be scared!

April 28, 2005 at 12:30 PM  
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