Saturday, April 23, 2005

My Presentation on Joel Chandler Harris

Hey gang,
As you all know, I did my presentation on Joel Chandler Harris and disected one of his great stories into a map of all the contents an epic poem should have. I couldn't believe it when I asked the class if they have heard of Uncle Remus or Joel Chandler Harris and hardly anyone raised their hand. "I am mortified and Stupified," as Jackie Childs would say on Seinfeld. Perhaps it is because Joel Chandler Harris is more of a Soputhern tradition. But you guys should have heard of some of his stories. Uncle Remus, I believe, was in the Disney production Song of the South. Remember the big black man with the birds that came and landed on him and he was singing "Zip-a-dee-do-dah." Yeah, that was based on Harris' stories. I don't think you can get that movie anymore because it was considered racist or something. I personally don't feel it is racist. Harris, by writing down the stories as Uncle Remus, was trying to preserve African-American oral traditions. Dr. Sexson should include some of his stuff in his lectures. I've been to Harris' house, it's in Georgia where I'm from. He is very interesting and I hope that you guys will take it up on your own accord to study more about him by looking at the website I've posted. Especially if you're English majors. You need to know about this guy.
Here's the site:
If you scroll down on this site go to the table of contents hypertext. From there you can read more, and even check out a few of the works by Joel Chandler Harris.


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