Thursday, April 28, 2005

Now I remember! This is great!

Ok listen up!
I wrote in a previous journal that I wasn't so sure if I agreed with the point that Joyce made when he implied we are most awake when we are asleep. Man, I'm questioning myself now! Darn you Dr. Sexson, if you make me more curious about the Wake I may have to read it, and I wouldn't want to do that.
Anyways, i was arguing that when you sleep, your dreams are really messed up. And I also said that it would be a really strange world if your dreams were reality. I argued that you never remember what you dream, so what good is that.
The other night I had a dream and things became very clear for me. I love the book All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy. In that book a boy goes and stays on a ranch in South America. The ranch had the coolest name I've heard, but it was a long name and it is in spanish. When my mom wanted to name our ranch, I told her she should name it a spanish name because they sound so good. All I got was a joke from her and when I drove up to the property there was a cheap wooden sign that read, El Guapo Rancherro with a picture of a damn donkey bucking. She was basing this name on the antagonist, el Guapo, in the rediculous movie, The Three Amigos. Anyways, I am digressing. I always loved the name of the ranch in the book but could never recall it from memory. In fact, I cant think of it now. But it was long and complicated, and in Spanish. When I dreamed the other night, I dreamed I bought a ranch and was going to name it. In the dream, I remembered the ranch from the book! It was amazing, it was clear as day to me, and I had it right. When I woke, I could almost remember it but not quite.
That is amazing to me because it is a difficult name I thought I had just forgotten. But it was in my brain, the right synapses just had to be opened. It is in there, if I could only master how to grab it again it would be great. I couldn't believe how this worked. I feel different about Finnegan now, please disregard what I said earlier.


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