Thursday, April 21, 2005

Seeing or Hearing

I have to say that everyone's presentations went extremely well!
One group wanted us to answer the question whether or not we remember better what is seen or heard. It was the group that did the project when we had to blindfold ourselves and listen to their presentation. That was a great idea. I suppose I can remember a lot from that presentation because it was so different. I liked the sound effects and especially liked how different smells passed through the room. The pipe smoke was the best. These elements made everything seem real, therfore they are memorable.
In direct response to the question at hand, I would have to say that personally I think I can remember things that are seen. It's a weird question because usually you are seeing someone and listening to them. It's not like I close my eyes when people are talking to me. But, as it has been read in Yates, many people feel that things are going to be remembered when they are associated with the grotesque. I think this works on many levels. Everybody that you talk to isn't a grotesque person. But many different things about the situation that you are in with that person will be remembered. I think remembering is much easier when there is a face involved. The topic of conversation also adds to what will be remembered. Small talk will not be so memorable. However, I can remember what I said exactly in bad situations. For instance, I've broken up with a few girlfriends and remember all that was said on both parts. I think this is where that "grotesque" thing comes into play. You should have seen some of my girlfriends.
We're talking Coyote ugly! Just kidding, that was mean.
Lord forgive me for that last comment and be with the starving people in New Guinea.
Ok, back to what I was saying, the grotesque thing can be associated not only with looks, but topics of conversation. And in answer to the question at hand, I would have to say that sight plays a huge role in the remembrance of things. I think the real person that we should ask this question to is a blind man!
Lord forgive me for that.


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