Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sherman Alexie

Hey guys,
As you know, Sherman Alexie came and talked at the sub last Thursday. I went and was very impressed. I had not read too much by him, but I think I will now. His talk was awesome. For a while I was scared that it might bore me, but it seriously was funny as hell. In fact, the whole thing was like going to a stand up comic. He made jokes all night long! It wasn't cheap comedy either. It was very intellectual and Sherman was trying to make a point. I won't try to go through and remember all the jokes, I'd probably mess them up! I will try to tell you what his main point was.
Sherman is known for offending people. He spent the night making funny jokes about everyone he could think of. There was probably not one person in that room that wasn't slightly offended by what he said. He poked fun at himself, Indians, liberals, conservatives, all religions, all area of politics, straight people, gay people, vegetarians, meat-eaters, and all races. He presented everything in a way that though it might be offensive, it was still funny. The best part about everything was the fact that he had a reason for doing all this. For at the end of his two-hour stand-up speech he made the point that when a person thinks he/she is right on a certain topic, that they couldn't possibly have the wrong opinion, that person should ask themselves, "What if I'm wrong." It was a great point. If people asked themselves this question, it would lead to their having a more open mind. It would eliminate intolerance. It would eliminate hate. It's a great concept that I will try to follow. It's a concept that everyone should make a part of their everyday lives. Think about it, you all have that friend that is annoying as hell because he/she refuses to accept others opinions and they have a shallow mind.
For anyone that is interested in persuing more on Sherman Alexie I have included a great website that has a lot of his works on it, and a biography. It has everything! Check it out.

Here's the sight:


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