Monday, April 11, 2005

Upcoming Group Project

Hi all,
I guess you realize that we have a project coming up real fast. My group consisting of Heather, Faith, and Tracy, will be presenting on the subject of Maps. Maps in oral cultures had different values than maps of today. They were used to show not only directions, but relationships among individuals, ecological realationships, and so on. By listening to oral maps a person could gain great insight as to how nature worked and about their ancestry. Also by listening to oral maps today, a person can find great reward.
That's right. My part in the project is to make a Oral map and present it to the class. I created a fun little story with real directions. The directions on a oral map are not the same as they are on something like an atlas. You must listen closely to the directions and remember it. I've included elements in this map that are similar to those of old oral maps. For example, as I'm giving directions I will head off on a tangent and tell another story. That will help you remember what I say.
The best part is that my map will serve as a scavenger hunt. If you can find where I'm talking about, I hid a bottle of wine at that spot and its all yours if you get there first. If the wine is corked, I'll by you a new bottle. If you get the wine first, and you are a girl, and it is corked, I'll take you out for a free drink. No guys though please(that means you Warwood!)
Well, I hope you guys' projects are going good. I hope you like my oral map.....and good luck!


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